How to Prepare for Apartment Movers

We understand that apartment moving is stressful, which is why we’re here to offer our latest tips.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is prepare as much as possible for the move. This includes hiring professional movers, creating checklists, and getting your apartment ready before we arrive.

Continue reading to learn what else you should be doing to prepare for apartment movers. If you have any questions or wish to schedule an in-home moving estimate, call our offices today.

Plan Ahead

What all needs to be done on moving day? It’s so much easier to think about your responsibilities now than to remember in the chaos of apartment moving. We recommend sitting down and imagining how the move will play out in your head.

Think about circumstances that could complicate apartment moving, such as small children or pets. For example, we recommend keeping pets in a closed room with food and water during the move. If you have small children, it’s a good idea to pack a backpack with some of their favorite toys so they stay calm and entertained.

Create Your Checklist

Everyone needs a moving checklist, including you. Otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting something important on the day of the move. One item on your checklist should be to call our apartment movers to confirm that we have the correct date, time, and address. Also, be sure to give us your contact information so we can make apartment moving as smooth as possible.

Place Boxes in Front Room

Before moving day, you should have all your boxes packed and in the front room ready to go. That way, our professional movers won’t have to idly stand by while you pack. Keep in mind that how much your move costs depends on the amount of time it takes.

Packing and labeling boxes before moving day will save you time and money. By placing boxes in the front room, our apartment movers won’t have as much distance to carry boxes from your home into the truck.

Supervise Movers

Our professional movers always appreciate snacks. Although don’t feel like you have to provide snacks to our team of furniture movers. You can count on us to move furniture and boxes with care. We recommend having at least one person from your family stand by to supervise the move. That way, you can let us know what boxes should be packed last on the truck. The person you choose will also be responsible for making sure our apartment movers know your new address.

Lock Doors and Windows

Once all your belongings are packed into the truck, you’ll need to do a sweep of the house to make sure all doors and windows are locked. During your sweep, you should also make sure that all appliances and light switches are turned off. Saying goodbye to your old home can be hard, especially if you have fond memories of living there. However, this day can be so much easier when you hire professional movers to do all the heavy lifting.

Moving help can make all the difference. To schedule your moving estimate with Big Lake Movers, call our offices in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

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