Office Moving Services in Michigan

Office moves are nothing new and actually happen more frequently than you may think. According to moveBuddha, corporate moves make up 38% of all moves per year.

There are many reasons for this including expansion, expired lease, costs, etc. If you’re about to embark on a business relocation in Michigan, we provide professional office moving services in Kalamazoo, Holland, Grand Rapids, and other areas in southwest Michigan.


How We Can Help With Your Office Move in Michigan

We’re no stranger to office moves. From high rises in Kalamazoo to standalone offices in Grand Rapids, we’ve helped numerous business owners successfully relocate their companies with ease. 

Office moves are unique. They often include heavy and expensive computer equipment, electronics, a load of wires, furniture – including modular furniture, office supplies, file cabinets, and the like. Many office spaces need appliances moved too. These specialty moves require sufficient manpower, patience, extreme care, and time management skills.

We check all those boxes. Additionally, we have the right equipment and durable supplies to disassemble, wrap, and pack your office items damage-free. We strategically load your office boxes and furniture into our moving trucks to avoid shifting or falling while we’re on the road. We can have you packed and moved into your new office space in record time so you and your employees can get back to work comfortably without much downtime.

Why Choose Big Lake Movers for Office Moving Services

You may be hesitant to hire an outside company to handle this. As one small business to another, we get it. This is your business. Everything you worked so hard for to build and turn a profit to survive is within the walls of your office space. Some of it may be in files, on computers, on discs. Not to mention very expensive equipment that has helped your business thrive.

The good news is that you can trust us moving your office items without the worry of damage or things going missing. That’s because we’re thorough in our work and diligent with our handling. Our professional movers are heavily trained in safe and effective wrapping, packing, and loading methods. 

A few other highly valuable credentials we carry include:

  • Being licensed
  • Carrying insurance
  • Having 10+ years of experience
  • Earning a 4.7 Google star rating

“Unbelievably good, fun, smart, people who did a fantastic job! Courteous, professional, thoughtful, and dare I say: strategic, too. I’ve never had a move that was well handled. Totally worth it, yet reasonable rates. We truly appreciate this kind of help for a tough, multi-stop move. Awesome.”

-Charlie C.

Our hard work and integrity has gained us an upstanding reputation in and around the communities of Holland, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids. See how others have rated our moving services.

Hire Big Lake Movers to Help Relocate Your Office Space

If you have an office move in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Holland, or surrounding areas, hire Big Lake Movers to get the job done. Our proficient and efficient moving crew can save you time and money – both valuable assets when it comes to your business. Get started today by scheduling a FREE moving quote or calling us at 616-326-2963.


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