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Moving your corporation is a big step that massively influences the future of your business. From coordinating with employees to developing a schedule that won’t intrude too much on your business activities, planning to move your corporate headquarters from one office to another is stressful.

However, solutions are available for individuals planning a corporate or office relocation move. For example, the expert and attentive corporate movers at Big Lake Movers offer highly-trained corporate movers and services to ensure that your commercial move is successful

We offer extensive services for your corporate move and can provide residents in the West Michigan area with a free quote to plan your upcoming relocation. This article dives into the services offered by Big Lake Movers and why our team of corporate movers is the best to help you during this time.

A fleet of trucks from Big Lake Movers to help with your corporate move.
A fleet of trucks from Big Lake Movers to help with your corporate move.

What We Offer

Big Lake Movers has an experienced team of corporate movers ready to help you in any way during your big transition. Our solutions are essential to making the moving process seamless. Because the average price of local moves is typically costlier than many expect, our team has provided an upfront understanding of the scope of your move and reasonable pricing to ensure that all corporations have access to our services.

Below is a breakdown of what to expect from our corporate movers when you select Big Lake Movers to help you get the job done.

High-Quality Equipment Handling

Our corporate movers put the safety of your corporate belongings front and center during the moving process. Commercial and office relocations typically entail sensitive and expensive equipment that requires gentle, expert care to avoid costly damage. Our corporate movers know how to pack up your workspace securely and the best way to carefully transport your office belongings, big or small.

Our licensed and insured corporate movers will show up on the day of your move prepared and carrying the proper equipment to smoothly transfer some of the following equipment to your new office location:

  • Office furniture
  • Electronics
  • Conference room tables
  • Computers
  • Network equipment
  • Cubby walls
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • File cabinets
  • Phone and communication systems
  • Desks and chairs
  • Audio/visual equipment

We Can Pack, Load, and Unload Your Corporate Belongings

Our corporate movers provide full-service moving packages to meet your moving needs. Many people waste time and energy packing and loading their belongings. By packing and loading everything on your own, you waste time that could be spent planning your move and your organization’s future and risk unsafe packing that could cause damage.

With the team at Big Lake Movers, you won’t have to worry about packing, loading, or unloading your corporate belongings safely. We help you every step of the journey and are committed to taking essential precautions to get everything to your destination efficiently and adequately.

We Offer Moving Labor

Not all corporations want a full-service moving package to transition to their new office. At Big Lake Movers, we understand that you sometimes need a few extra hands to do the heavy lifting. If you’re looking for extra support and moving labor to help your move or think you need additional corporate movers to get the job done fast, you can seek help from our expert movers.

We are always happy to offer you the proper number of corporate movers you want to ensure a seamless transition. No more worrying about you or your employees suffering injuries because of heavy or improperly packed boxes–Big Lake Movers have your back.

We Are Licensed and Insured

To ensure the highest level of care and consideration for your move, you need corporate movers that are guaranteed to be reliable. Luckily, the corporate movers at Big Lake Movers are trustworthy and reliable and have the proper licenses and insurance to prove it. With our team of licensed movers, you can rest comfortably knowing you’re in good hands.

We Offer the Fastest Services

Our corporate movers know how to complete your move efficiently and won’t waste your time during the transition. Our team can complete commercial and office moves fast and seamlessly, ensuring that your move is completed in record time so you can get back to the work that helps your organization flourish. No matter the size of your business move, our services are unbeatable for time and quality.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our moving solutions and services are guaranteed to make customers happy they chose our movers. We are fully committed to fast, high-quality service to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our responsive and beneficial customer support team is here to help you with whatever support you need from Big Lake Movers.

Our Costs are Always Transparent

There’s nothing more frustrating than hiring a service without realizing the hidden fees involved. Many business owners and workers worry that, by hiring a moving service, they will be vulnerable to additional costs and fees they aren’t prepared to pay. With Big Laker Movers, you don’t have to stress over additional, unnecessary costs.

Our flexible pricing is ideal for your commercial or office move. With local moves in our serviced areas, the time for your move begins when our corporate movers get to the job site and concludes when the job is done. This detail is essential for cost savings, as most companies charge for the time it takes to get to your location. Additionally, we do not charge any mileage or gas fees for the journey to your corporate office.

Our corporate movers charge a one-time $60 travel fee for local moves and trucks with a toolbox, dollies, shrink wrap, and blankets to keep everything safe. None of our services have hidden fees, and no matter what you need, you can get a free estimate from our team. The initial cost of your move depends on the number of movers you hire, as seen below.

  • Two movers: $152/hr
  • Three movers: $217/hr
  • Four movers: $280/hr

Ensure a Successful Corporate Move With Big Lake Movers

Preparing for a massive move doesn’t have to be overly stressful. When you work with experienced corporate movers from Big Lake Movers, you set yourself up for a successful transition with minimal interruption to your business.

Our corporate movers are dedicated to making your moving experience seamless. Additionally, we offer free moving estimates to help you stay within your budget and avoid any unforeseen costs. Contact us today to start planning your move and receive a free estimate from our corporate movers.

Our team of professional helping our customers with their Corporate Move.
Our team of professional helping our customers with their Corporate Move.

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