8 Tips for Living in a Studio Apartment


Life in a studio apartment can be very satisfying and comfortable. If it’s just you, who needs a whole lot of space? Of course, it does have its challenges. If you’re planning to move to a studio apartment soon, heed these tips to ensure the most comfortable living situation possible.

First off, what’s a studio apartment? In a nutshell, it’s a one-room home that encompasses a living area, bedroom and kitchen all in one. This type of apartment is the smallest yet most affordable type you can get. Here’s how to make the most out of your space.

1.  Make Your Bed

Because you have so little space, any clutter can overwhelm the room. Make your bed every morning to defuse a bit of the cluttered look and feel. Plus, it will get you off to the right start before work or school.

2.  Go Minimalist

With space at a premium, this isn’t the time to keep things around that no longer serve you. Determine what items and furniture pieces you need for survival and get rid of the rest. For instance, you can sell or donate your library of books and purchase an e-reader instead.

3.  Use Multipurpose Furniture

Choose furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as a sofa bed or futon that can pull double duty as a chaise during the day and a bed at night. Buy ottomans that double as a foot rest and as storage for your blankets, with lids that flip over to become coffee tables.

4.  Add More Natural Light

Smaller spaces tend to be closed off and dark. Use minimal window coverings to encourage natural light. Consider careful placement of various types of lighting around the space, such as general, detail and task lighting. Add lots of mirrors, too, to give the illusion of more space.

5.  Divide Your Space

Just because you only have one room doesn’t mean you can’t divide it up into zones in a creative way. Add divider panels, rugs and color schemes for subtle divisions within the apartment.

6.  Store Clothing in the Open

Buying a wardrobe will further close off the room. Consider storing your clothes in plain sight, such as by using a clothing rack for hanging clothes or cubbies for folded jeans. Just be sure to keep it all neat and clean. You may also want to use fancy hangers for an added touch.

7.  Streamline the Kitchen

All those fancy utensils and small appliances take up too much counter space in a studio apartment. Pare down what you place on the counter. Also, consider going food shopping more frequently to reduce the need for storage.

8.  Maximize the Wall Space

In a studio, you don’t need a large console to place your TV. Instead, hang your TV on the wall where it’s out of the way and frees up much-needed floor space.

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