How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Movers

The day of your move can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be when you prepare a checklist ahead of time and hire a residential moving company.

Your residential movers at Big Lake Movers will have experience working with customers just like you to make sure your move to a new home is a success. Keep reading to learn what things should be on your moving day checklist.

Ask About Non-Movable Items

Ask your local moving company about items they aren’t able to transport. Some items are non-movable because they pose as a safety risk for their workers. While some items may seem like obvious hazards (like fireworks, loaded guns, or gasoline), others may take you by surprise, like nail polish or household batteries. The last thing you want on a moving day is to be stuck with items that can’t be transported by local movers, which is why it pays to ask the house moving company ahead of time about non-movable items.

Reserve Parking for the Movers

It’s important to remember that the professional movers you hired will need a space to park their truck or van. If you or other members of your household usually park in the driveway, these vehicles will need to be moved to make space for the moving truck. Many of the customers we’ve worked with have moved their vehicles on the grass or parked in the street if possible.

If there is enough space to keep your car in the driveway, keep in mind that the moving truck will be parked for a long time while items are being loaded. This means that if the movers have parked behind you, you won’t be able to leave until the house movers are ready to leave.

Make a Path

Residential movers will need a clear path from their truck to your house while carrying boxes and furniture. Make sure that your driveway, walkway, and porch are clear of obstacles. For example, it’s not uncommon for people to have potted plants taking up space on the front porch steps. You’ll also want to make sure you remove hanging items from your porch, such as wind chimes, so the workers can stay safe while coming in and out of your house.

Point Out Special Items

The moving company you hire will handle your boxes and furniture with care. However, it’s important to point out what items require special attention. For example, be sure to let your furniture movers know if you have several boxes you want to unpack first once you reach your new house. Many of the customers we’ve worked with have wanted cardboard boxes for the kitchen and bathroom to be unpacked from the truck first.

The packers and movers at Big Lake Movers will make sure to pack these items so you can access them right away. Be sure to also clearly mark boxes and items that are fragile so they can be loaded with special care into the moving van or truck.

The Grand Rapids house movers and Kalamazoo house movers at Big Lake Movers are dedicated to helping homeowners make smooth transitions to their new homes through our moving services. If you are interested in our residential moving service, give us a call at (616) 326-2963.

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