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Big Lake Movers: Your Grand Rapids Moving Company

If you’re looking for moving services in Grand Rapids, you need a local expert. 

Big Lake Movers is familiar with this area, and we’re experts in the moving process. We know how to make relocating easier, quicker, more affordable, and even more enjoyable.

Whether you’re heading somewhere locally, across the state, or throughout the nation, it helps to have a dedicated moving specialist by your side. Our Grand Rapids moving team brings the perfect balance of local hospitality and industry-leading quality. 

What Qualities Should a Moving Expert Have?

On the surface, moving seems like a straight-forward process. But when you consider what’s at stake, the value of a Grand Rapids moving specialist becomes clear. 

The moving methods you employ will impact the safety of your property, and ultimately how you feel when entering your new location.  

Everyone deserves to complete their move with all of their belongings in great condition, and a stress-free mentality that allows them to enjoy reaching their destination. We bring everything it takes to make this happen for every customer.

A Great Attitude and Plenty of Experience

Uprooting your life can make anyone a little tense. When you’re in this state of flux, you’ll feel comfortable having us around. As a locally owned and operated organization, we maintain the freedom to do things in accordance with a customer’s unique wishes, so all your concerns are addressed.

We’ve also been doing this for over 10 years. A decade is a long time, and throughout these years we’ve honed our approach and gotten moving down to a science. It’s why more people call us for Grand Rapids moving services. 

Professional Credentials and Positive Feedback

Big Lake Movers is more than just manpower and cargo space. We handle moves according to the industry’s top practices and all applicable regulations – it’s why we’re a licensed and insured company with a reputation for providing top-notch moving services in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. 

You can read all about our reputation by checking out our customer reviews. We also maintain a 4.8-star rating on Google, and we cherish the chance to hear feedback from every person we work with so we can continue improving our craft. 

A Full Selection of Helpful Grand Rapids Moving Services

Moving comes in many forms – and for us, no job is too big or too small. 

When you’re hiring a Grand Rapids moving company, you want to make sure they have experience in the specific area you’re looking for. Here are some areas where we excel. 

Residential Moving Services to Take You Home

Moving to a new residence is an exciting opportunity to begin a new life. While you may be excited about what awaits you in your future destination, the present concerns of getting there must be dealt with first. Luckily, you have us. 

By hiring our Grand Rapids moving company, you get more time to:

  • Prepare yourself and your family for the trip and the new location
  • Say goodbye to your neighbors and finish personal tasks 
  • Research your future area so you are familiar with it before you move over

With our Grand Rapids residential moving services, you’ll feel right at home with the whole process. But we know that residential moves aren’t always about heading to a new house.

We Also Carry Out Apartment Moves

Moving to or from an apartment takes the relocation and compresses it into a smaller area. Now you have less space to maneuver your belongings in, and more neighbors who may be affected by it.

This is another place where our moving expertise shines. With our efficient approach to relocation and the safe way we move property, you’ll feel confident in hiring us. Your property will be handled with care, and your moving process will proceed quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Moving Services with a Professional Touch

Moving a commercial facility requires a distinct level of skill. When major organizations and corporations relocate, they make this decision in an effort to improve their business. 

We keep this goal in mind when we take on your moving process. Your property, your time, and your team will all be treated with respect throughout the entire operation. We’re professionals who understand the value of high-quality work, and you’ll feel that in the service we give you.

We Make Offices Moves Easy

The office could be called a company’s central hub for productivity. Because of this, it’s prone to clutter and also absolutely vital to the organization’s success.

When you trust us to move your office, you’ll know that everything from your furniture to your work equipment will make the trip safely. We’ll ensure you get set up in your new location so you can welcome the team in and get right down to business.

A Versatile Grand Rapids Moving Company for Everyone

We take pride in handling moves for individuals and businesses of all types, because we believe everyone deserves a professional and pleasing moving experience. This versatility carries over into our pricing as well.

Here’s a breakdown of our pricing structure, so you only pay for what you need. Too few or too many movers will slow down productivity, so we offer a variety of options for moves of all sizes:

Local Travel Fee


2 Movers

$152 per hour

3 Movers

$217 per hour

4 Movers

$280 per hour

With our professional Grand Rapids movers at your service, you’ll save time, money, and stress. Trying to do a move yourself could take forever. Asking friends to help could result in damaged property or even injuries.

There’s also the possibility that the Grand Rapids weather could delay your operation if you handle it alone. With our helping hands on the job, everything will proceed efficiently from start to finish.

We can even supply moving labor only if that’s all you need for your move. However you need the job done, we’re happy to work with you and deliver complete satisfaction.

Call Us When You’re Moving in Grand Rapids!

Whether you’re moving to or from here, or in the surrounding areas, our Grand Rapids moving company is ready to provide you with quality services.

No matter the distance or the number of belongings you have, we’re up to the task. Neither the sensitive items of home, the tight walkways of apartments, or the multiple floors of corporate facilities pose any problems to us.

We know how to get everything moved safely in the fastest most cost-effective manner possible. When you’re ready to start planning your move, contact us today for a free moving quote. 

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