8 Common Reasons Grand Rapids Renters Move

If you’re a tenant in Grand Rapids and are looking to move out of your current rental, you may be doing so for any number of reasons. Some are out of your control, such as problems with the neighbors, while others are quite in your control, such as a desire to move into a house.
Check out the eight most common reasons renters in Grand Rapids leave their apartments.

You Can’t Afford the Rent

The most common reason why people leave their apartment is because the rent has become too expensive to manage. Whether your income decreased due to job loss, or your expenses increased due to a large medical bill, you may be facing a need to downsize.

The Apartment is Too Small

Another common reason to move is because you’re outgrowing your current space. Maybe you need to take on a few roommates to offset living costs, or maybe you’re pregnant again and your current digs won’t be able to accommodate your growing family. Whatever the case, you need an extra bedroom or bathroom, a larger kitchen, more play spaces or more storage space. Moving into a larger apartment or home will address those needs.

Your Apartment is Too Large

On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you find yourself being an empty nester because your kids went off to college or maybe you’re newly retired and don’t want the responsibility of maintaining a larger unit. It’s time to move to a smaller apartment or condo.

You Need to Relocate For Your Job

You may have no choice but to move when you’re being forced to relocate for your job. Or, maybe you had to take a pay cut for a job and can’t afford the rent any longer. It’s time to move! Big Lake Movers can help.

There are Maintenance Issues

Maintenance issues may be causing you to move, as you may be sick and tired of dealing with leaky roofs, clogged drains, or pest problems.

You Have Problems With the Neighbors

If you have ongoing issues getting along with neighbors or other tenants, you may wish to move so you don’t have to deal with the noise complaints or a feeling of being unsafe or uncomfortable in your own apartment complex.

You Want a Better Neighborhood

You may want to move to a different neighborhood, one that may be closer to your kids’ school or your work. You may want to move into a home in a neighborhood with other families your age. A switch is in order.

You are Getting Divorced or Married

Many people have to move when they face changes in their relationship status. Getting married may require a bigger place or one that’s more conveniently located for both of you, while downsizing to a smaller apartment may be necessary if you are going through a separation or divorce.

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