Moving in Together? What to Expect

Thinking about moving in with your significant other? This can be such an exciting time, but it can also pose some challenges, difficulties and adjustments, particularly if you’re used to living on your own. From conversations about finances to compromising on home décor, there are many things you have to think about when moving in with the love of your life. Here’s what to expect.

It’s Not the Same as Having a Roommate

When moving in with your partner, you may assume it will be pretty similar to when you had a roommate after college. Not so. You will both be experiencing many firsts together, such as sharing a bedroom, bathroom and yes, closet space. You will have to learn quickly how to adjust and share.

It Will be Tough to Have Your Own Private Space

When living with a significant other, you won’t have your own room – a big difference from a simple roommate. You can no longer think of it as “your” room – now it’s “our” room.

You Have to Compromise on Decorating

With your own space, you could decorate your home or apartment in whichever way you wanted. Now that you’re sharing that space with someone else, it’s critical that you both feel at home. This means you have to compromise on furniture, décor, and wall color. And yes, you may have to just grin and bear it when he brings his old ratty armchair from his college frat house!

You’ll Have to Talk About Money and More

It’s tough to sit down and have talks about finances, such as who will pay what portion of the rent, who will take care of groceries, and who will pay the utilities. That initial conversation may be uncomfortable and awkward, but it’s a conversation you can’t afford to put off.

You’ll also have to have a chat about chores and cleanliness. If you’re a neat freak but she’s clearly not, you will have to set boundaries about messes and chores. Make it clear who will cook the meals, who will clean up after them, who will take out the garbage, who will make the bed, and who will vacuum on weekends.


Before you move in together, heed these tips to make the adjustment a bit easier:

  • Be open to compromise.
  • Plan date nights.
  • Continue to have “me time.”
  • Hire professionals to help you move to take the stress off.

Contact Big Lake Movers

Now that you’re ready to move in together, you will need a professional mover to help you! Whether you’re moving to Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids or Holland, contact us for a free quote on your residential relocation.

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