What are the Forgotten Aspects of Moving in Kalamazoo?

So, you’ve just bought or rented your new place in Kalamazoo, you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life, and finish line is in sight. However, you soon realize there are some things you simply forgot to do. There are many different aspects that are involved with moving, to be sure, which makes it easy to forget about something along the way. Here are some common forgotten aspects of moving in that can save you time and headache if you know about them beforehand.

Remove Heavy or Fragile Items From Dressers

Moving day is tomorrow, yet you still haven’t completed packing. While most stuff is all packed up and ready to go, perhaps you notice a dresser in the corner of the room that hasn’t been touched yet. In your haste and fatigue, you may assume the dresser can be moved as is, contents and all.
But you have to remember that dressers aren’t as sturdy as you may think; its frame and legs are not used to being move around, especially when filled with clothing and other items. It’s always best to remove contents from the dresser before moving it. If the dresser is quite sturdy, you may be able to get away with leaving lightweight clothing inside, but be sure to remove fragile or heavy items and pack them separately.

Make Sure Parking is Available at Both Locations

Before your movers arrive, you should have the parking situation squared away, at least for the moving truck – in both places. If you live in a suburban neighborhood, this isn’t a problem. However, if you live on a crowded city street or apartment complex where parking is limited, this becomes a critical piece of the puzzle.
In order to save time on your move, and of course money, be smart and reserve a parking spot at both locations before moving day. It’s usually the responsibility of the customer to find sufficient parking for the moving truck. By reserving a space, you won’t incur additional fees and fines, and you’ll enjoy a shorter, easier and more affordable move.

Label Boxes by Room

Nothing’s worse than settling into your new place only to realize there are a bunch of unmarked boxes. Save yourself hassle and time later and label all boxes by room before you move. This way, your movers can easily place the labeled boxes in their corresponding rooms. Labeling also helps your movers know where to place things on the truck. Write fragile on any boxes that need extra care, too.

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