Top 5 Challenges of Moving Out of Your House

You’ve done all you can to make sure you’re prepared for your upcoming move. You’ve made the checklists, checked them twice, switched the utilities, changed your address, de-cluttered the whole house and prepared your kids for the relocation. Smooth sailing, right? Well, not quite so fast. Sometimes all the preparation in the world can’t stop the inevitable from happening.

Sometimes snafus and challenges pop up that are out of your control. The key is to be prepared to meet them head on so you can move forward. Here are some of the top challenges of moving out of your house.

1. Time Got Away From You

Unforeseen circumstances often bring about delays or pile on new tasks to your to-do list. In order to make sure that last-minute time crunch doesn’t paralyze you, make sure you’re doing all you can to mitigate the risks of lost time. If moving day is coming up fast but you still haven’t managed to pack, perhaps you need some help. Many movers offer packing services. Take advantage of them in the interest of time.

2. Furniture Won’t Fit

Why isn’t your couch fitting through the door and out to the truck? After all, you know you were able to get it in there when you first moved in! Rather than cram the couch through a doorway in frustration, risking damage to the item as well as the walls, think about the process logically. Remove legs or accessories if you can and take the furniture out piece meal. Or, take the door off its hinges to give you can inch or two more leeway.

3. Your Help Bails

This is a good reason not to tackle DIY moves. No matter how early you line up help in the form of friends or family, someone always bails at the last minute. And who can blame them? You’re asking them to give up an entire day or more to move heavy stuff out of your house and into a truck, sweating all the while. Avoid the hassles and arguments that come with asking your siblings to help, and hire professional movers. You will thank yourself later!

4. The Movers Refuse to Move Something

If you think you can spring your request to move a piano or pool table on your movers the day they show up, think again. While many movers will certainly move these large and cumbersome items, they need advance notice, to bring the right equipment, enough trucks, and enough workers. Before moving day, review what the movers will and won’t take, and if you have an unusual request, such as moving artwork, collectibles, or your wine collection, let them know in advance.

5. Poor Weather

Mother Nature rarely cooperates, and when it comes to the weather on moving day, nothing’s guaranteed. Bad weather poses extra challenges, but being prepared can help you overcome them:

  • If it’s heavily raining out, cover the floors and entryways of both houses with moving blankets and tarps.
  • If it’s very hot and humid out, have plenty of water on hand, allocate extra time to take breaks for cooling off, and set aside one room with the AC going full blast where your pets and kids can hang out.

By heeding these tips, you can mitigate some of the last-minute challenges that come with your move.

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