The Toughest Things in Your House to Move

Moving can certainly be challenging and stressful, but it can be even more overwhelming when you add large, unique or awkward shaped items into the mix. To move them, these items will take special knowledge, patience, skill and care to make sure they are transported safely. This is why it’s so important to hire movers with experience in specialty items.

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Here are some of the most challenging items to move in your house.

Aquariums and Fish

Relocating is very stressful for pets – even for fish. But with the right preparation, they’ll make the trip no problem and then thrive in their new home. Come moving day, fill containers or bags with the water from the existing aquarium and place the fish in them.

Empty the tank, but keep a bit in the bottom in order to preserve the bacteria. Your fish could be shocked by the new tank’s environment, even though you think it should be good because it’s fresh water.

Bring the tank and fish with you in your own vehicle. Secure the containers so no water sloshes around. Once in the new home, set up the tank first thing, placing the fish in the tank while still in their containers so they can adjust to the water temperature.

Appliances, Mattresses, Large Furniture Pieces

Because the items are so large, awkward and heavy, make sure you know exactly where they’re going and how you’re going to get them there. Take measurements of the furniture as well as hallways, door frames and stair cases. Wrap legs and handles, padding the sharp corners for protection.

Mirrors and Pictures

Breakable items such as mirrors and picture frames require careful protection against bumps and knocks. You’ll have to wrap them individually in soft cloths or bubble wrap, then stack them vertically in a big box, advises the Family Handyman. When you keep them snug together like this, movement will be reduced and so will the risk of the glass shattering.

Artwork and Priceless Heirlooms

These fragile and irreplaceable items need to be handled with extra care. In the case of framed artwork, make an X with masking tape on the glass, wrapping the whole piece with bubble wrap, paper or blankets. In addition, add some corner protectors or some bubble wrap to the corners, then wrap the frame with taped cardboard. If you have artwork that is not framed, wrap it well and put it in a reinforced, cushioned box. If you have sculptures, china, or glassware, wrap it several times in bubble wrap.


Gun collections and gun safes are certainly challenging to move, particularly when you’re moving them across state lines. Every state has different laws for the storage of guns during transport. Do your homework on those regulations and ask your movers if they will even move such a collection. Some won’t.


Pianos can pose a moving nightmare, due to their weight, bulk and awkward dimensions.  In addition to the big pieces, pianos also feature small, intricate parts that may easily be damaged en route. Hire professional piano movers to minimize damage and to ensure the instrument will be transported safely and efficiently.


As you know, house plants are living things. As such, they can be tricky to move. Moving them will take a bit of forethought. A few weeks before you move, take your plants out of their ceramic planters and put them into plastic planters so they can adjust.

Come moving day, take the plants with you in your car because you can’t ensure the climate control of a moving truck. Once you arrive in the new place, allow the plants a few days to not only recover from moving but acclimate to the new environment before you put them back in their original pots.

If you don’t feel comfortable packing the above items, ask your mover if they offer packing as part of their services.

Contact Big Lake Movers

Here at Big Lake Movers, we have a lot of experience with the above items, and will even pack them up for you. Call us in Grand Rapids at 616-319-4478 for a free quote on packing and transporting anything from pianos and aquariums to artwork and mirrors. We’ll even move pool tables, sectionals and other large and cumbersome pieces of furniture.

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