4 Clues it Might be Time to Move to Grand Rapids

Moving to Grand Rapids MI is an exciting prospect for anyone looking to set down roots. Perhaps you’ve been contemplating a move here for quite some time but just need that push. Or maybe you’re being relocated for work and want to know more about the community. Either way, here are some signs it’s time to move to Grand Rapids, home to 198,000 people at last count.

1. College Town Lifestyle

Home to many higher education facilities, such as Calvin College, Aquinas College, and Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids is known as a bit of a college town. So, if you’re a student looking to study here or you have a child who would like to study here, Grand Rapids is a wise choice.

2. Strong Cultural Scene

From a cultural perspective, Grand Rapids has a lot to offer. You’ll find a multitude of theatres and performing arts venues such as the Van Andel Arena, the Royce Auditorium, the Civic and DeVos Hall, and the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center. One of the oldest history museums in the nation, the Van Andel Museum Center is a must-see. And you’ll have 125 acres of botanical gardens and artwork to explore at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.

Outdoor art abounds here as well. You can take a walking tour of the downtown area’s outdoor art and sculptures, or browse the city’s inspiring art murals on outdoor walls from local artists.

3. Plenty of Neighborhoods

You’re sure to find a neighborhood you love when moving to Grand Rapids, simply because there are so many to choose from. There are eight general neighborhoods here:

  • Downtown
  • Heartside
  • Heritage Hill
  • North Quarter
  • West Side
  • Uptown
  • Medical Mile
  • Southtown

Within those regions, there are further breakdowns of micro neighborhoods. If you are looking to raise a family, consider Eastgate, Eastown, or Fulton Heights. If you are a young professional looking to start a career, try Heritage Hill, Midtown, East Hills, or the downtown area.

4. Many Commuter Options

With an average commute time of just 20 minutes, Grand Rapids offers many options when it comes to transportation. It has a high walkability and cycling score, and has easy access to the bus and transit systems. Speaking of biking, Grand Rapids is a supportive city when it comes to embracing alternative forms of transportation. You’ll see a lot of bikers on their way to and from work or school, thanks to the efforts of the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition.

As you can see, Grand Rapids is special in many ways. Now you just have to get here!

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