How to Pack Lamps for a Move

It may seem at first glance that packing lamps and lamp shades for a move would be fairly easy. Think again. They’re actually rather tricky to pack and move, so heed these tips before attempting the job.

Is it Worth It?

First, ask yourself, is it worth your time, effort and money to pack up the lamps in your home? You’ll have to invest in the proper packing materials in order to ensure the bulbs, lamp, base and shade all make it to the new place in one piece. If you don’t want to bother, throw them out, donate them or ask the new owners if they would like them.

Prepare the Boxes

If you decide to move them, you will need the right type of packing boxes. If you still have the original boxes they came in, great. Use those. If not, pick up some strong cardboard boxes that are taller than the lamp bases. Measure the dimensions of your lamps ahead of time.
You will also need other supplies such as:

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Markers/labels

Remove the Lamp Shade

It’s best to disassemble the lamp first so each component can be packed with care. Take off the shade and clean it of dust, dirt or hairs. To do this, you can either use a duster, cleaning wipes, or vacuum cleaner with brush attachment.

Unscrew Bulbs

If they still work, why throw them out? It’s worth making the trip. Wipe with a clean cloth and wrap in paper or bubble wrap, or place them in their original packages.

Secure the Cable

Tape some bubble wrap over the metal prongs of the lamp’s cord so they don’t scratch the base. Secure the bundle with a cable tie.

Pack the Lamp Base

Wrap the lamp base in soft paper and use tape to secure. Lay the cable bundle over the paper, not squished inside. Wrap it all with bubble wrap in two layers.

Box the Base

Place the lamp upright in the box, base down. If you have multiple small lamps, place them tightly next to one another – wrapped of course. Fill any empty spaces with paper. Label the box.

Pack the Shade

Nest each shade inside one another (if they are similar sizes), and place into a box. Use lots of packing paper to keep them snug. Label the box with THIS SIDE UP or something similar.
See? Not so bad. It just takes a little patience and diligence to ensure safe travels for your lamp.

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