How to Choose the Perfect Office Building

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The office space you choose to work in has a substantial impact on both you and your employees’ productivity and wellbeing. As such, it’s important to choose the perfect office building for you and your business when you’re moving to a new office – but office spaces are not one-size-fits-all. Every business has different needs, requirements, and preferences. When choosing an office space, there are several factors you will want to consider before finally signing on that lease.


Perhaps the most important factor when choosing an office building for your company is location. Your business should be easily accessible to your employees, and, if applicable, customers. A study found that adding 20 minutes to a worker’s commute reduces job satisfaction as much as reducing pay by 19%, meaning that a good office location is not just a want, it’s a need if you want to help keep your employees happy and productive.

Because the length of your employees’ commute plays a major role in their wellbeing and satisfaction at work, you may want to choose an office space that is accessible both via public transportation and private transportation. You should also consider whether the location will have enough parking for all of your employees and customers.


You and your employees will likely spend a lot of time in your office space, so no matter where you choose to relocate, you should ensure it is a comfortable, welcoming space that fits your company’s style. When looking at potential office spaces, consider factors that might not immediately come to mind but still heavily affect employees’ happiness, like air quality, ventilation, and the overall look and feel of the space.

According to a 2016 study, maintaining a clean, comfortable office results in numerous benefits for employees. When working in a well-maintained, welcoming office, employees are less likely to take sick days, while their satisfaction and productivity will likely be increased. The study also found that most employees value environmental factors like office layout, noise levels, and air quality. In other words, if you create a space where your employees are happy to spend their time, they will be more likely to come into work consistently and perform their job well.


The size of your office is another important factor in your employees’ productivity levels and satisfaction. Size also affects the cost of your rental, with prices increasing the larger the space you rent. You should find the perfect happy medium between a cost-effective location and one that provides more than enough space for your employees. What size you need depends on several factors.

The size of the office you need depends not only on the number of employees working for your company, but also which industry your business is a part of. Depending on the work your employees do and how much they move around during the day, they may need more or less space. For example, workers who do most of their work at computers or making calls throughout the day will likely need less space than those who are on their feet filing and delivering documents.

The 2012 Workplace Standards Benchmarking report suggested the following benchmarks of space per employee:

  • Call center: 50 to 175 USF
  • Technology: 115 to 155 USF
  • Finance: 110 to 245 USF
  • Engineering: 150 to 185 USF
  • Law enforcement: 100 to 240 USF
  • Social services: 175 to 235 USF
  • Biotech and science: 125 to 410 USF
  • Legal: 245 to 525 USF

While your space doesn’t have to fit these specifications exactly, they provide a great rule of thumb as you consider how much space you need for each employee in your workspace.


If you run a business nowadays, your business is probably connected to the internet in some way or another – whether it’s your point-of-sale system or your employees send emails to one another throughout the day, you will no doubt need internet connectivity. When choosing an office building, choose one that allows for fast wi-fi access for all of your employees. You should ensure that internet connectivity spans through the whole office, and that there are no dead zones.


The layout of your office space tends to say a lot about how your business operates on a day-to-day basis. There are various types of office layouts, with each having its own pros and cons and appealing to different types of businesses. The most common types of office layouts are open offices and cellular offices; while the latter is more popular, open offices have become more popular in recent years.

Cellular offices are divided into cubicles, offering each employee their own individual space. Cellular offices are ideal for employees who need to work in silence, or don’t need to communicate with colleagues often throughout the workday. This type of office layout tends to work well in call centers, and for writers, artists, and IT specialists.

Open offices, on the other hand, encourage direct communication between employees. As their name implies, an open office is a largely open space, with places to sit scattered about the office. Employees may choose to sit on couches, at desks with colleagues, or at a table by themselves. With this office layout, communication between employees is simple and consistent and minimizes the need for email. As such, open offices are ideal for fostering creativity and innovation.

Whether you choose a cellular office or open office layout, you should include a variety of spaces in your office. Your employees need spaces to relax, collaborate, and work.


By considering important factors like the location, comfort, layout, and size of your office, you can choose the perfect office for your business. The ideal office will both be cost-effective for your company and comfortable for your employees, strengthening their morale. Every company is unique, so consider both the factors we’ve suggested and your business’ own needs and you are sure to find the perfect office space for you.

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