5 Tips for Families Moving with Young Children

Moving is stressful enough on its own, let alone with a house full of small kids running around.  Relocating with kids can be tough, especially when they are really little and don’t understand what’s going on. If you’re in the process of relocating with your family, consider these five tips to make your residential move go more smoothly.

1. Research Schools

Choosing a new school for your child in a whole new city is daunting. Not sure where to start? Ask yourself what type of child you have, what they want out of school, how they best learn, etc. This will help you decide between a large public school, for instance, and a smaller private one with small class sizes for more individual focus.
Next, get your child’s immunization records from their doctor, making sure they are current. Send them to their new school before you even move so they’ll be ready to attend right away. Obtain a school supply list from their new teachers too.

2. Make an After-School Plan

If you will be working full-time after the move, now’s the time to start researching after-school programs for your children once they get out of school each day. Ask teachers or school administrators about any programs in the community, such as private day cares, the YMCA or the Boys and Girls Club of America.
If your child is old enough to let themselves in the house after school, have a key made for them and go over all house rules thoroughly.

3. Explore the Neighborhood

After you’ve settled in to your new digs, it’s time to start exploring. Take a walk around the neighborhood, hit up the museums and galleries in your town, check out where the trampoline spots and move theaters are, and visit the library in your area for story times. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to people. Get your kids talking too by introducing them to new neighbors.

4. Get to Know Other Parents

Meeting other parents can be a challenge, even when you haven’t moved to a new town. Put the stress of moving to a new place on top of that and it can be very daunting. Force yourself to get out there, sign up to volunteer at your kids’ school events, chat with fellow parents during field trips, help with classroom parties, and join the PTA.

5. Organize Playdates

Playdates allow both you and your children to meet new people. Find the fun kid-friendly places around town, let your kids play with new friends, and meet their parents. The best way to plan a playdate, especially if your kids are young, is to establish a clear start and stop time and have a limited number of children attending so no one gets overwhelmed.

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