Benefits of Local Moving Crews in East Grand Rapids

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Hiring a reputable mover in East Grand Rapids is the best way to ensure the safety of your belongings and an efficient process. If you’re moving locally, you may assume you can just handle the move yourself. Think again. There are many moving parts to the process, and hiring professionals to not only pack and haul your stuff but to transport it as well will ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

There are many moving companies out there, from national companies to local ones. When considering which to choose, consider these factors.


Small local movers typically don’t have as many startup and operation costs as a “big name” moving company does. Thus, local movers can pass those savings onto their customers. The result is a lower-cost move with more personalized attention.


Small businesses can make decisions and implement changes faster than a large chain. This makes them better able to adapt to the local environment on the fly. Because big name movers have several more geographic areas to consider when changing policies, for instance, their ability to adapt to a particular region’s needs is reduced. But with local moving companies, their practices and policies can be optimized for the local market and even specific neighborhoods.


When choosing local movers, you know you’re getting targeted experience because they live and work here too. They know the short cuts, routes, construction, traffic, neighborhoods and weather patterns so there are not as many surprises or delays on moving day. National chains aren’t quite as familiar with the neighborhoods because they have far greater geographical reach. Small local movers run these routes all day every day and can thus give you personalized attention to detail.

Customer Service

The customer service level offered by various movers can range widely. Local moving companies have to be scrappy, working hard to build and protect their reputation. It’s much easier for them to notice disputes, address them and resolve them before they get out of control. Because it’s easier to dispel confusion fast, they can address a situation and move on, despite operating on a smaller budget.

Small companies are more likely to pick up the phone with a human on the other end, too. Large national companies may pass you along from department to department till you get the regional office you need for your area.

National moving companies are much larger and it can be more difficult for people to contact them initially. If there is ever a disagreement with them, the red tape involved may preclude them from coming to a quick conclusion on the matter at hand. If reimbursement is necessary, for example, it can take many weeks or months to happen.

When you want personalized attention by a moving crew that knows East Grand Rapids, home to just 11,000, then choosing a local moving company is best.

Contact Big Lake Movers

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