4 Benefits of Moving Labor

If you’ve decided to tackle a DIY move to the Grand Rapids area, you may realize that you need extra muscle to help with the heavy loading and unloading. That’s where moving labor comes in. You save money by hiring movers just for their heavy lifting capabilities, as opposed to a full-service move which covers more but also costs more. Just remember, you still have to take care of renting a moving van or truck on your own.

Asking friends and family to haul out your sectionals and pool tables is not cool. Instead, hire moving labor for this task, and save the hassle of bugging your friends. Check out these benefits to hiring moving labor only.

1.  Affordability

For those moving on a tight budget, moving only labor is a good choice. Compared with hiring full-service movers, you will save money because you’re only hiring them for one purpose: to haul your heavy stuff out of the house and into the truck or Pod you rented. Some also offer packing, too, but generally, it’s a pretty straightforward deal.

2.  Convenience

Without the hassle of dragging heavy boxes, appliances and furniture out of the house and into the truck, you can concentrate your efforts elsewhere, such as switching the utilities, coordinating packing, working on logistics, supervising the process, and helping your family cope with the move. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting a pulled back or neck. Sit back and relax as your movers take care of the cumbersome items.

3.  Quick Scheduling

You are more likely to get the time slot you need if you’re only hiring moving labor. This is because the company doesn’t have to devote an entire crew over a day or two to help you move. You may only need an hour or two of a couple guys to haul out the heavy items. You get the pick of the litter when scheduling, which can be a lifesaver if you’re facing a last-minute move.

4.  Professionalism

Labor only movers bring a certain level of professionalism to your relocation. While you or your friends may not be quite so careful with appliances and furniture, your movers will. They know how to disassemble items fort the easiest way to transport them, and they bring the right equipment to move even the heaviest of items, such as pianos, consoles, sectionals, pool tables and more.

This way, you get peace of mind knowing your belongings are moved with care and precision. If you just did it yourself, you may cut corners and possibly damage something very valuable. And when you “hire” friends with pizza and beer to help you move, accidents can happen – both to humans and to your furniture, not to mention the surrounding area such as floors and ceilings.

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