Settling in as a Singleton After a Move

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It’s exciting, albeit a bit scary, to set out on your own after being part of a couple for so long.  Whether you plan to move into a house or downsize to an apartment, settling in as a singleton after a move will ensure you are part of a whole new community where there are many possibilities and people to meet.

Check out these tips every singleton should consider as they embark on a new journey.

Safety and Security: Be Smart

The first thing you should do is have the locks changed. You never know who occupied the space before you, so it’s better to start off with a fresh, safe slate. If you’re an urban apartment singleton who doesn’t have a door man or woman, contact the super, property manager or owner to get permission to change the locks. Make friends with your neighbors, as you never know when you will need their help in an emergency or when you misplace your keys.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

You may not know a soul in your new town, but social media can open up big opportunities for you. Join groups that congregate in your area and befriend coworkers and neighbors online. You will need a lot of support over the coming weeks until you fully settle in. Use social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with local folks or people in your field of work. While social media is great and all, make a point not to hide behind your screen. You have to get out there in person and make real connections for it all to work.

Get Out

As you settle into a routine, get out into the neighborhood and explore. Try the corner coffee shop, head to the local park, hit the best food trucks, go shopping, and take a walk down Main Street. Check out the public transportation system so you can become familiar with it. Head to the culture-rich neighborhoods to experience authentic fare and cultural experiences. Act like a tourist and do some sightseeing – anything you can do to start feeling like a member of the community.

Create a Budget

Whereas once you were a part of a couple, both pooling your financial resources to pay bills, now that you are on your own, you’re going to have to tighten the reins. It may sound great to learn about your new town by visiting local hot spots or dining out in all the trendy restaurants, but this could quickly lead to overspending if you’re not careful. Remember, you’re in a new place where the cost of living may be higher. Plus, you have a lot of initial expenses as you get set up in your new home. Now that you alone are responsible for the mortgage, rent, food and utilities, you have to be smart about spending. Create a budget and stick to it. Space out your purchases so you don’t have to allocate a big chunk of change at any one time.

Now that you don’t have a roommate or significant other, you’ll need extra money to buy things that used to be communal, such as appliances, kitchen gadgets, and furniture. But on the flip side, you can decorate as you see fit without running it by anyone.

Dive Into the Community

Become a joiner. Making new friends can be nearly impossible if you stay inside all day and fail to step out of your comfort zone. Joining things can mean different things to different people. Perhaps you would get great comfort in joining a community center or place of worship. Or maybe you would rather volunteer for a non-profit. You could always join a book club or play on a local pickup soccer team at the park.

Invest in a museum membership if you live in a big city. Check out members-only events that can connect you with others with similar interests. The key is to try something new. Take that ceramics class, hit the gym for that hot yoga class, or participate in a neighborhood clean-up.

Contact Big Lake Movers

As you face a new move into a new town as a singleton, look to your local trusted movers to help get you there. Just call Big Lake Movers in Grand Rapids at 616-319-4478 for a free quote as we help you adjust to single life.





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