Pro Tips on How to Label Moving Boxes

Packing for a move is undoubtedly one of the most stressful tasks of the whole moving process. Yet it’s crucial to take your time with this task because it will help you immensely when it comes time to unpack in the new place. Labeling your boxes is important because it lets you know exactly what the contents are, plus it tells the movers which room to put each box in.

Here are some pro tips on how to properly label your moving boxes.

Why You Need to Label Boxes

Too many people think labeling their boxes is a waste of time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some good reasons to be clear and accurate in your labeling:

  • Labeling allows you to tell at a glance what the contents are so you don’t have to rummage through each one to find what you need.
  • Cardboard boxes all look the same, so you can’t assume you’ll remember the contents by how the boxes look.
  • Clear labels can outline the room each box will go in, which saves a lot of time when unloading.
  • Fragile items could get broken during the move if you don’t label them properly with words such as FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP or HANDLE WITH CARE.

Get the Timing Right

When labeling boxes, timing is critical. Write down the contents, the destination room, and special handling instructions that the movers will appreciate. To achieve this in the right order, follow the sequence of PACK, SEAL, and LABEL.

You Will Need…

  • Thick, high-quality markers in a variety of colors that are permanent and waterproof.
  • Labels in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Colored tape to enhance identification.

Use different colored markers and tape for different rooms. You may use red for the master bedroom, for instance, and yellow for the first floor bath. If you are moving to a house with multiple bedrooms, be specific. Use blue for “1st bedroom on the right.”

Tell everyone what the colors mean, though. It makes no sense if you are the only one aware of what the color scheme is. Print out a guide and give it to your movers, and notify all family members. To help everyone along, put colored paper on every door so it’s apparent from first glance where each box goes.

Use Numbers

If you don’t want to use a color labeling code, use numbers. Designate a different number for each container, then come up with a master inventory list where you assign a number to the contents of each box.

Pro Tips

While there are no hard and fast rules about labeling moving boxes, here are some tips the pros recommend:

  • Choose the box labeling method that is most comfortable to you and that makes the most sense for your family. If one method is too confusing, this will place undue stress on everyone.
  • Be sure to label every box with contents, destination room, and handling instructions.
  • Mark Fragile on boxes with breakables.
  • Label the tops and sides of each box.
  • Attach moving labels with clear packing tape so they don’t fall off in transit.
  • Be careful when labeling used boxes. Old boxes may already have inscriptions and markings written on them, so be sure to tape labels over those markings to avoid confusion.
  • Create a master inventory of where each colored label goes. Give this to your movers.
  • Place colored pieces of paper on the doors of rooms to make it even easier to spot the correct corresponding rooms.

Packing up a whole home is a complicated and overwhelming job, but when you’re prepared and take a methodical approach to labeling and packing, you can make things much easier on yourself. It’s best to let a pro handle this important pre-move task. It’s an affordable and stress-free way to ensure your boxes get where they need to be. Plus, it frees you up to concentrate on more important tasks, like preparing your family for the relocation.

Contact Big Lake Movers

If packing and labeling your own moving boxes is too time consuming for you, let us show up with the right supplies, including labels, to make this task easier on you. Get in touch with Big Lake Movers today for a free quote on packing and moving.




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