Practical Gift Ideas For Friends Moving in 2022

If a close friend or family member is facing an upcoming move in Grand Rapids or surrounding areas, you may not know what to do to ease their stress. But one thing you can do is make a nice gesture to let them know you’re thinking of them during this overwhelming yet exciting time.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to consider for your friend or family member as they tackle a move.

Hire a Professional Mover For Them

It can be a hassle to pack, load up and then relocate. In the chaos, they may not have time to research and book a mover. Consider offering to do that research, then book and pay for that mover. This is a truly functional gift that will alleviate a lot of the financial and logistical burden that comes with needing a professional mover.

Cover Their Storage

In the same vein, if your loved one needs temporary storage space while they are in the process of moving out of one home and settling into another, consider covering the cost of their storage. Whether they need it for a week or a month, this can greatly help them figure out what to do with their stuff in between moves. If you have a spare room, basement or garage, you could also offer to lend them your extra space so they can store their belongings there in the interim – free of charge.

Locale-Specific Gifts

Gift certificates are a great way to welcome someone to a new city. If you are already familiar with the city they’re moving to, you may know just the perfect place to get them a gift certificate to. If not, do some research online and make a selection based on their interests. This is extremely helpful for those moving to an unfamiliar city, and can help them explore their new location. You can gift a trip to the zoo, a theme park, a concert, a local event happening when they are moving, or a meal at a local restaurant.

Another alternative is to gift them a membership somewhere, such as to a local museum, performing arts center, gym or golf club. This will help welcome them to the new community so they don’t feel so isolated.

Wrap Up Moving Supplies

Everyone loves moving supplies when they’re moving. There never seems to be enough boxes, tape and packing paper to go around. Wrap up some supplies like tape, tape gun, markers, stickers, labels, and packing materials. You could also put together a gift basket of things they’ll need in the new place, such as shelf liners, cleaning supplies, paper products, plates, toilet paper, towels, and plastic utensils. Creating address labels with their new name and address is also a thoughtful idea.

Contact Big Lake Movers

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