The Convenience of Moving Labor in Holland

If you’ve ever tackled a move before, you know just how much muscle is required to lift the heavy stuff and navigate from place to place. It’s not easy and it’s not for the faint of heart. Sometimes you may have the smaller stuff under control but need help with a few heavy pieces of furniture, for example. You don’t have to hire a mover for the whole move; you can hire a company for moving labor only.

Here, we’ll go over how convenient it is to hire moving labor for your relocation in Holland MI.
Moving labor services are a cross between organizing a self-move and hiring full-service movers.

To best explain the process and how it works, we will break down the home moving process into four distinctive relocation stages:

Stage 1: Packing

This is the longest part of the process because it takes time to pack up every single thing you own and put them in boxes. This is why it’s the most time-consuming task on anyone’s moving checklist.

Stage 2: Loading

This is when all the packed boxes, padded furniture, protected household appliances and other household belongings have to be lifted, moved and loaded onto the truck. This is the stage where you will need moving labor the most, to prevent common moving day accidents that can lead to anything from property damage to personal injuries.

Stage 3: Transportation

This is when the loaded household items are transported from your current home to your destination home. Depending on the distance, this part can take anywhere from an hour to a few days or even a week. In the case of a self-move, the chosen vehicle will either be a moving truck you rent from an agency or a pick-up truck that you borrowed from a buddy.

In the case of full-service movers, the household items are hauled with a moving truck provided by the moving company.

Stage 4: Unloading

This is the last stage of the moving process, involving the items being delivered to the new address. Just like Stage 2, this stage also takes great physical efforts and skill to unload the moving truck in a safe manner and take everything into the new home and into their proper rooms. This is when hiring moving labor becomes essential yet again.

If you hire a full-service moving company, those moving professionals will tackle all the above four stages for you. But most full-service movers also offer moving labor-only options to save customers money when they only need a few heavy things transported on and off the rental truck.

The moving labor professionals here at Big Lake Movers offer flexible services to those who can largely move themselves but need extra help for moving furniture and other large household items, loading the moving truck and unloading it at the new residence. Bottom line is, moving labor is efficient, cost effective and flexible.

Contact Big Lake Movers in Holland

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