Moving to Holland Michigan? What You Need to Know

Are you making a move to Holland, Michigan? If so, we’d be happy to help you get moved in and set up at this wonderful community.

We’re passionate about the area, and what’s more, we’re passionate about helping people make their moving experience more enjoyable.

The process of packing up and bringing your life from one area to another can feel hectic at first. But it doesn’t have to be – you can translate that sense of frantic uncertainty into an aura of confident excitement when you move using a professional service like Big Lake Movers.

Why Holland is a Wonderful Place to Call Home 

Holland, Michigan carries a rich history of perseverance, strength, and triumph. It’s why the area has continued its steady growth and remains one of the state’s most popular destinations.

Not only does the area offer great aesthetics, but it’s in a prime location less than 100 miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and only 22 miles from Wyoming, Michigan. It contains exciting sights like the Cappon House Museum and Restlawn Memorial Gardens. 

There’s also plenty to do whether you want to stroll by the Macatawa River or plan to attend the yearly Tulip Time Festival. 

With a town population of just over 33,500 people and growing, this is one of the prime destinations for people making a Michigan move in 2023. If you plan on being a part of this area, you deserve an expert to handle your move.

Big Lake Movers: A Big Difference in Your Moving Experience

Even when you’re coming to a beautiful area like Holland, Michigan, your experience will be impacted by the trip you have there. When you enlist the help of a professional mover, you get off on the right foot and enter your new community with a positive start.

Why should you trust the team at Big Lake Movers with this important task? Because we bring everything necessary to handle this important time in your life with care and consideration.

Experience and Techniques You Can Trust

When you pick a professional mover, you want someone you can trust. You’ll be trusting your pick with your belongings, your time, and your peace of mind during this experience. 

Here are a few qualities that prove Big Lake Movers are the professionals you can rely on.

  • Licensed and Insured: These credentials are our way of proving to customers that we’re not just there to move boxes. We’re a talented team that takes pride in using a proven approach to moving, and we go above and beyond to give you an experience you’ll be satisfied with. But don’t take our word for it – check out our reviews here.
  • All the Proper Equipment: Everyone knows that moving is about more than just stuffing your items in a van or truck. But what you may not know is where you can get the supplies you need to wrap, pad, and secure your items. We provide everything you need whether you’re just using our packing services or you hire us to move your belongings for you. 
  • Prepared for the Unexpected: Even if you’re concerned about the weather slowing you down during your move, you should know that we bring the manpower and the solutions necessary to work even in these conditions, so you won’t fall behind schedule with your big move.

With the team at Big Lake Movers at your service, you’ll be all set whether you need packing services, labor only, or the whole process managed for you. 

What About Using Your Loved Ones for Help?

Since moves are personal moments, many people feel it’s better to ask their friends or family for help. But this can create some problems.

The first issue is that moving is an arduous process. People without professional training and experience can do damage – both to the belongings and to themselves. No one wants to put that type of risk on those closest to them.

Big Lake Movers uses proper technique to lift and maneuver your items safely. Whether it’s rare art, heavy furniture, or sensitive electronics, you can count on us to handle every item you have with the care they deserve.

Moving Options for Every Situation 

Plenty of people head to Holland, Michigan each year – and every story is different. Some people set out in hopes of finding a new home, while some people see the location as the prime spot for professional aspirations. It’s why we provide moving solutions for every type of situation.


The most common type of move, this one sees a person or an entire family packing up to start a new life in a new home. We understand that customers want that same sense of home in their moving experience – when you move with a comfortable process and a team that treats you like family, you’ll feel more excited about getting to your destination.


Business owners know that location is paramount to success in 2023. As the economy changes and reshapes itself, finding the ideal market can turn a good-performing company into a great one. We bring a sense of professionalism that facility managers, shop owners, and other commercial organizations will appreciate. We help you stay on track to a new professional start.


The apartment complex represents a unique challenge in some ways when it comes to moving. But with Big Lake Movers, you can count on us to get your items out the door, down the stairs, and loaded up while keeping the process neat, timely, and professional for the sake of your neighbors.


The office environment can be even more formal than most commercial facilities, as this is where a great deal of the administrative work is done. Whether you’re worried about moving all that expensive furniture or your high-end equipment, never fear – we’ll get down to business making your office move easy from start to finish.

Get Your Move Scheduled Today with Big Lake Movers

Big Lake Movers doesn’t just move boxes – we streamline the process of moving for your convenience. You can count on us to help you get packed, moved, and set up in your new Holland, Michigan location. 

Reach out to our experienced team of moving professionals today so we can prioritize your move. You can contact us online or give us a call at (616) 345-5548. We can’t wait to get moving with you!

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