4 Moving Tips for Military Service Members

Moving can often be the start of an amazing family adventure. But when it’s part of a mandatory relocation for the military, you often don’t have a choice when and where you go. It can still be a wonderful experience; you just have to prioritize and plan ahead of time, taking advantage of all the resources you can before moving to your new home or apartment.

Mastering your military move starts with these four tips:

1. Start Planning ASAP

As soon as you find out where and when you’re moving, start building a personalized timeline. Go online to get packing tips, and print out to-do lists and checklists. Start filling out the checklists, marking off items as you work through them.

2. Tell Your Kids

Moving is definitely an intense experience for children. Small kids may not understand what’s going on and will need detailed explanations. Older kids and teens will understandably be concerned about leaving their friends and starting over. Join online communities and in-person support groups specifically designed to help military children handle the unique psychological challenges of military life, which include frequent moves.
Be sure to tell them about the move as soon as possible and let them know that the important things in life, such as your love for them, will never change.

3. Take Inventory

A big part of a successful move is knowing just what you will be taking with you. Using your smartphone or computer, jot down the name, description and condition of everything in your home, or download helpful free home inventory apps to guide you. This will help you keep track of what you started out with in the new home so you can match it with items in the new home.

4. Be Prepared to Wait

The location of your new home will largely determine how long it will take to receive your belongings. If you’re moving overseas, for example, it could take several months for your furniture and your car to get there. If you’re moving across town or the state, you should get everything pretty much when you arrive yourself. To be safe, pack all critical items in bags to take with you in the car or on the flight. Those include:

  1. Orders
  2. IDs, drivers’ licenses, Social Security cards and passports
  3. Marriage, divorce, birth and naturalization certificates
  4. Medical information and prescriptions
  5. Housing information
  6. School and employment records
  7. Vehicle documents
  8. Precious or irreplaceable items

Contact Big Lake Movers

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