How to Keep Your Office Move on Track

Moving to a new office? This task can seem overwhelming with so many changes, challenges and logistics coming up the pike. But the key to a successful office move will lie in your planning efforts. The first part of your plan is to hire movers who have proven experience in office moves of all kinds. Remember, commercial moves are different from residential moves in many ways, mainly due to the sheer size and scope of the project.

There are a lot of moving parts with an office relocation, and ensuring the project stays on track throughout the designated timeline starts with a plan.

Anticipate Everything and Anything

Timing is everything. One slip-up or delay can cause considerable problems for your business in terms of productivity. After all, lost time is lost money! Pay attention to important business dates and events. Let’s say your busy season is in the spring; you should wait till summer to attempt a move. The challenge is to always anticipate business needs and cycles to ensure your office move goes smoothly.

Try to Prevent Gaps

Not everyone will do their jobs with precision. Some employees won’t be on time with packing up their office. The utility companies may show up a day late. Plus, you can’t expect your existing employees to pick up all the moving slack. You have to make allowances for moving heavy equipment, computers, furniture and more, which should be done by a professional packer and mover. Make time for these things to happen.

It can be tough to identify and recognize gaps in the moving process; just fill those gaps as best you can.

Involve the Team

That said, there are many things your employees can help you with. They may not be excited about the move because it disrupts their work flow or it may add to their commute time. But they will be more willing to embrace the transition if you get them involved. Hold several open discussions with your team to address any concerns, delegate responsibilities, and troubleshoot any complications that come up. Don’t forget to keep your team updated throughout the process so they feel like they’re a part of the move and the company.

It’s also helpful to appoint one or two trusted co-workers or colleagues to further ensure the move goes smoothly. Too many cooks in the kitchen can complicate things, so put these co-workers in charge of communications with the movers and then follow their lead for a successful relocation.

Follow the Advice of Your Movers

Commercial moving companies handle office moves every day of the week. They know what they’re doing, so listen to them. They know how to identify potential problems, they can anticipate when issues may occur and they will work with you to make the move as efficient as possible. Heed their advice and tips before, during and after the move.

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