A Look at Typical Moving Costs in Kalamazoo

You may think it’s very expensive to move, and sometimes it can be if you don’t plan ahead or research reputable moving companies. Even if you’ve been saving up for a move, there can still be little surprises that you didn’t plan for. Let’s take a look at some typical moving costs so you can come up with a budget for your residential move. 

Top Factors

Here’s what to consider when figuring out how much you will spend on your move:

  • Travel costs: These are costs related to getting from your existing home to the new one. Be sure to factor in the cost of gas, lodging, and food.
  • Scale of the move: The more stuff you’re moving, the more it will cost. Moving a four-bedroom house will cost more than a college student moving out of their parents’ house, for instance.
  • Moving supplies: While it’s helpful to collect boxes and other supplies for free from places like the grocery store or liquor store, you will still need to pick up some supplies to fill in the gaps. Those supplies include specialty boxes, paper, tape, and bubble wrap.
  • Packing services: If you want your movers to pack for you as well, you will have to add that cost in (usually a few hundred more).
  • Storage: Likewise, if you need to store your household goods between moves and your movers offer this service, factor those costs in as well. The price will depend on how large of a storage unit you need and for how long. 
  • Timing: When you move will determine overall cost as well. If you’re moving at peak times, such as a weekend in summer, you will pay more than you would on off-peak times in the winter during the week. 
  • Insurance: If you decide to purchase more insurance coverage than what is offered by the moving company, add this to your moving costs.

How Are Moving Costs Calculated?

Different types of moves are calculated differently. For example, a local move may be priced by the hour, while a long-distance move may be priced by the load and weight of your belongings. Duration also comes into play. It will cost you much less to move a studio apartment across town than a five-bedroom house would. 

That’s because it takes more movers to move more stuff, which increases payroll for the company. The size of the truck also dictates final price. Bigger trucks cost more to use. 

Specialty items will add to cost as well, such as pool tables, pianos, or art collections, as movers have to use special equipment to get these disassembled and relocated safely.

There will also be extra fees with last-minute changes, such as when you ask your movers to hold your stuff for a week longer than you anticipated due to a delay in closing. 

Contact Big Lake Movers

We pride ourselves on transparency here at Big Lake Movers. We are upfront with your costs and detail each line item to the best of our ability. Call us to start with a free quote on your upcoming move.

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