5 Tips for Moving House in the Rain

Ideally, there would be sunshine and clear skies the day you move. However, all Michiganders know that the weather is unpredictable, especially when you’re depending on the weather to be nice. Not everyone has the luxury of delaying their move until nicer weather. We are here to help.

Whether you’re moving house for a job or have to move out of your apartment by a certain date, you can count on our professional movers to work in the rain and other inclement weather. Keep reading to learn more about our tips for moving house in the rain.

Moving in the Rain

1.) Have Garbage Bags Handy

Buy a box of garbage bags before moving day. You’d be surprised how handy plastic bags can be when you’re packing at the last minute or need to cover items on a rainy day. Typically, people pack their clothes, sheets, and blankets last. If it’s pouring on moving day, you can put these items in garbage bags so they don’t get soaked.

Pro Tip: Cut a hole at the top of a garbage bag to fit the hanger hooks. One garbage bag can cover a stack of clothing from your closet, protecting it from the rain.

2.) Use Shrink Wrap

Use shrink wrap to protect cardboard boxes. The last thing you want is for cardboard boxes to get soggy, especially if they contain paper items like books. Other items you should shrink wrap include mattresses, furniture, and wood shelves.

3.) Stack Boxes in Living Room

Ideally, you’d want boxes to go to their specific rooms. However, if our professional movers are working in the rain, you may not want them tracking in water all over your new-to-you floors. If this is the case, tell our house movers to stack boxes in the living room so they don’t have to walk through your house. Our professional movers can even stack boxes in the garage if this would be more convenient for you.

Our local movers always try to back the truck as close to your new home as possible. Not only does this reduce how far they’ll have to walk with heavy boxes and furniture, but it helps keep your belongings more dry in case it rains. This is just one of the many ways our furniture movers look out for you. Schedule your in-home moving estimate today.

4.) Pack Plastic Boxes Last

If you’re lucky, the rain won’t last your entire move. For this reason, we recommend putting plastic tubs and boxes in the moving truck last. That way, these items will be the first to be unloaded when you arrive at your destination. Hopefully, the rain will let up by the time our house movers reach the cardboard boxes packed further in the truck.

If you want items to be packed in a certain order onto the truck, talk to our house movers beforehand so they’re aware of your plan. Our professional movers do everything they can to make your move as easy and streamlined as possible.

5.) Don’t Wait to Unpack

Even when you take all the necessary precautions, there’s little our movers can do if it’s pouring outside except work faster. The sooner you unpack wet boxes, the sooner you’ll be able to save the items inside. Unpack boxes that have been compromised as soon as possible so your items survive the move.

Need moving help? Our house movers work hard to earn your business and have experience helping clients move to houses, apartments, and even office spaces. To request your in-home moving estimate, call Big Lake Movers in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo.

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